Water main break wipes out water service to a dozen homes

Posted: Mar 09, 2015 9:26 PM EDT

Updated: Mar 23, 2015 10:32 PM EDT

Source: Curtis Lewiw
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A dozen homes on Tucson's northwest side spent Monday evening without water, while plenty of it was running in the streets.

Tucson Water had to repair a water main near Ruthrauff and La Cholla. Residents said they first noticed the water running along the street and back in an ally about 4:30 Monday evening. Tucson Water shut the water off to a six-inch water main that a Tucson Water spokesman estimated to be fifty years old. The water was not expected to be back on until 2 a.m. Tuesday. Crews had to mark where other utility lines were before they dug.

"Kids have school in the morning, so they have to get ready for bed, and so we obviously can't take showers and have our nightly routine. There's no running water, so pretty much everything is at a halt right now," said Nicole Moseley, whose home was without water.

Tucson Water said it would supply bottled water to those who needed it. Some said crews an hour to respond. What happened wasn't clear Monday night; however, a Tucson Water spokesman said that crews who respond to such breaks are sometimes on maintenance calls when they receive these emergencies.Copyright 2015 Tucson News Now. All rights reserved. 

Water Main Breaks Plague Phoenix

A number of water-main breaks in Phoenix in recent months have left residents with flooded streets and no water service.

On July 16, a water-main break at 16th Avenue and Encanto Boulevard flooded the intersection, diverting drivers and leaving 11 residents without water service, according to a Phoenix Water Services spokeswoman.

An eight-inch break in the water main allowed enough water out to turn the intersection into a pool. Residents could be seen wading in a murky brown water on the day of the break.

Officials closed Encanto Boulevard between 16th and Laurel avenues because of debris in the area left by the flooding, said Victoria Welch, a Water Services spokeswoman.

Another water-main break near Buckeye Road and Third Avenue escalated as repairs were underway. An original break left 56 housing units without water, but while crews tried to repair the break two additional

valve breaks occurred in the pipe, Welch said.

A water-main break at the Greek Town Restaurant near Butler Drive and Seventh Street diverted three northbound lanes on Seventh Street to the shoulder

City officials said the majority of breaks are happening in pipes that were installed more than 80 years ago. "In the City of Phoenix, it's because of the older pipes," one official said. "Earlier in the summer, we had five breaks in one week and most of the breaks were from pipes that were installed in the 1930s.”