Hartford water main breaks, shooting water into air and damaging 7 homes
By The Associated Press
POSTED: 10/02/15, 7:55 AM
Officials say seven homes and seven businesses were impacted after a century-old Hartford water main broke and gushed water into the air.
Crews responded to the break Thursday afternoon. The intersection of New Britain Avenue and Newfield Avenue flooded around 5 p.m. The 12-inch water main, which was installed in 1907, shot out water for more than two hours and caused significant damage to the roadway before Metropolitan District crews shut down the main Thursday night.
MDC officials say many water lines are old and difficult to inspect because the roads have to be torn up.
The repair is expected to take at least six to eight hours.
It’s unclear why the water main broke. MDC officials say they are not blaming the break on the weather.

Connecticut Water Service to invest for upgrades

20 November 2014
Connecticut Water Service Inc. (CTWS) continues with systematic investments for upgrading its utility infrastructure. The company's board of directors has approved a total investment of $55.1 million in 2015, which is 20.8% higher than the projected capital spending plan of $45.6 million in 2014.Connecticut Water has segregated its 2015 capital investment program into two parts: $47.6 million for the company's regulated water utility subsidiary, The Connecticut Water Company, and the rest for its unit, Maine Water Company.The company will invest $16.6 million in replacing aging pipeline systems and upgrading infrastructure through the Water Infrastructure and Conservation Adjustment program in Connecticut and the Water Infrastructure Surcharge program in Maine.In addition, $17.9 million will be spent for improvement of the treatment plant and lab. A major part of this will be utilized to upgrade the Rockville Water Treatment Plant and to execute the new Dissolved Air Flotation technology.The gradually increasing level of capital expenditure reflects Connecticut Water maintaining a disciplined investment plan to improve its utility infrastructure. In 2013, the company had invested $32.7 million in capital projects. These initiatives will allow the company to improve reliability and public safety besides conforming to environmental regulations.