Idaho's Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs

Idaho's Wastewater Infrastructure Needs​ (2008)


WRRDA Provisions Benefitting Idaho

The Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA), passed in May 2014, will benefit small communities across Idaho. The legislation provides critical funding to our nation’s water infrastructure managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which operates multiple projects in Idaho and throughout the Columbia River Basin that, through the furthest inland seaport in Lewiston, provide farms and other businesses with a vital link to the Port of Portland and the Pacific Ocean.

The law authorizes and mandates that the United States Army Corps of Engineers initiate projects certified by Congress and removes over $60 billion of unauthorized projects.A number of the authorized projects benefit Idaho. In summary, they are:

Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention and Management; Columbia River Basin – Authorizes the Secretary to carry out watercraft inspections to prevent and manage aquatic invasive species
Northern Rockies Headwaters Extreme Weather Mitigation – Authorizes the Secretary to establish a program to mitigate the impacts of extreme weather events, such as floods and droughts, on communities, water users, and fish and wildlife located in and along the headwaters of the Columbia River Basin
Rural Western River – Reauthorizes a regional program in Idaho to provide water infrastructure assistance
Dam Safety Title – Reauthorizes the National Dam Safety Program which increases public safety by safeguarding damns nationwide
Special Use Permits – Authorizes the Secretary to issue special permits for activities at Corps recreation facilities and to recoup fees for administering the permits and carrying out of related operation and maintenance activities