CQ Roll Call Report:  Water Ranked Fourth Most Pressing Issue to Utah in 2015 

According to CQ Roll Call's recently issued 50 State Project, water was ranked fourth among Utah's most prominent issues in 2015. The report contains a comprehensive listing and analysis of the issues that got most attention in state legislatures in 2015, based on extensive interviews with local reporters about their coverage of state legislative sessions earlier this year. According to the report, demographers forecast the population in Utah to double to 5.4 million residents by 2050. In an attempt to prepare for future water use demands, legislators considered a variety of ways to pump funding into ambitious new water projects, including a controversial Lake Powell Pipeline, which would send water 140 miles from the Colorado River to the state’s southwest corner, at a cost of at least $1 billion. But little progress was made in identifying sources of such funding, exposing concernsabout residents’ future water supply and the state’s aging infrastructure.