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The Clean Water Council is committed to bringing awareness to America's severe water infrastructure needs, and fighting to combat and reverse the neglect. The Clean Water Council, CWC for short, has been an effective coalition for 22 years, utilizing vast institutional knowledge to educate the public and government.

Every single person in America relies on clean water infrastructure in some capacity. ​Your morning shower, your cup of coffee, and the food you eat. What about fire departments, hospitals, restaurants, groceries, gyms, and even manufacturers? They rely on water infrastructure too. It's about more than the convenience of having water flow through your tap or your shower, it's about all of us staying healthy, safe, and prospering.

For something that touches nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives, water infrastructure isn't something we as a country seem to prioritize. But we should.
Some of America's infrastructure is almost 100 years old. Building methods, materials, and equipment have changed making the infrastructure not only old, but inefficient. Water infrastructure projects are expensive, and inconvenience, long-term in nature and not politically advantageous. Additionally, because our water infrastructure is underground, it is out of sight and out of mind. That is, until something goes wrong.

America cannot wait for water infrastructure to fail before we act. When a water main breaks, due to age, stress, corrosion, or any other reasons that stem from a neglected infrastructure, repairing the break is merely a band-aid approach. It is also incredibly expensive, inefficient, and making America's overall water infrastructure situation even worse.

We are digging ourselves into a hole (pun intended). America needs multi-trillion dollars worth of investment in water infrastructure. Many local governments don't have the financing capabilities to undertake large infrastructure projects without state and federal support. State governments have finite resources to allocate to infrastructure projects that also compete with more-politically advantageous issues like public safety and education for funding. The federal government has continually and regularly cut federal investment to water infrastructure, and thus-far declined to craft innovative financing solutions. In the meantime, our water infrastructure continues to decay and the backlog of needs grows.

The Clean Water Council is working to change all of this. The Clean Water Council is working to increase awareness of this looming problem through this website, our blog, and coalition grassroots efforts. The Clean Water Council is advocating for water infrastructure investment at all levels of government by testifying before Congress, meeting with hundreds of state and local lawmakers, and publishing studies on the economic benefits of water infrastructure investment. The Clean Water Council supports proposals that offer both traditional and innovative solutions to our water infrastructure investment deficit.

Water infrastructure is largely a problem without an opposition. Everyone benefits from clean water infrastructure. It is a bipartisan issue, but it is not a glamorous one. The longer the country waits for a solution from Congress, the more expensive the tab is becoming. We already know that investing in infrastructure returns nearly 3-to-1 on the investment in terms of economic stimulus. We know that investing in infrastructure creates good-paying, full-time and long-term, jobs. You can see the evidence of this in these pages. There simply hasn't been the resounding motivation or public out-cry, and that needs to change.

The Clean Water Council will be your one-stop clearinghouse for water infrastructure news. You will find stories of infrastructure failures, studies on the costs to build America's infrastructure, economic data on the benefits, and plenty of reasons to get involved. We hope you spread the word.